PTG Water & Energy® (“PTG”) dramatically lowers water and energy costs by integrating on-site energy generation with water efficiency technologies, creating a valuable water-energy platform. Our unique approach delivers outstanding cost savings, return on investment and performance. PTG takes on the reality of increasing demands on water management/treatment and energy management by creating a platform that is able to fully integrate water and energy resource management tasks across a variety of facilities.

Managing water resources at industrial facilities or municipal wastewater treatment plants requires power, heat and disinfection. PTG meets these needs with an integrated system of advanced clean energy technology developed by a team of water and energy professionals that is tailored to the unique requirements of managing water and energy at these facilities.

Greg Ryan, Jr and Sr at Ventura Site

More than 10 years ago, a team of engineers and facility managers were committed to finding a better way to disinfect water and began applying principles of cogeneration with two basic goals: 1. to dramatically lower costs of disinfection by using “free” excess or “waste” heat; and 2. to eliminate the risks inherent in legacy disinfection technologies, including harmful chemical chlorine and energy intensive processes. We succeeded, and in the process we also recognized that we had created a platform that seamlessly integrates effective water management with efficient on-site energy generation using natural gas or capturing renewable energy opportunities from methane and biogas.

Greg Ryan in front of Melbourne Plant

The timing could not be better. First, professionals around the globe have been focusing on the “water-energy” nexus. Second, there is a significant trend toward recognizing the value of decentralized water management. Third, the demand for water reuse is growing dramatically. Finally, the heavy focus of infrastructure investment today is on small to medium-size municipal facilities, including bundling facility investments. These trends and others create significant demand for PTG’s solutions.

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